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First Day Of Preschool: Helpful Pointers For Parents To Make It A Success.

Your child’s first day of preschool is a momentous milestone. This is the first step that ushers’ children into a new world. A world where they carve out an independent identity for themselves. This first step can be overwhelming. It may cause anxiety to the child as well as the parent. Children transition from a cosseted and sheltered environment of home and family to a more structured and formal environment. Here, they have to learn to interact with unfamiliar adults and children. Day one of preschool can become daunting. Silverline, the best preschool in Ghaziabad, discusses important pointers to help you make the first day of preschool jitter-free.

Your extensive research on what school your child will attend is finally done. You have chosen the best school that sits well on your list of desired parameters. But as the time to go to school approaches, you become emotionally saddled with how your child will adjust to the new school surroundings. This worry is completely justified.

From the day our children are born, we witness a plethora of milestones. All the first milestones bring endless joy. Your child’s first day of school, however, is a mixed bag of consuming emotions. It is the child’s first time away from the parent. It is also the first time your child will have to adjust emotionally and socially to a new atmosphere. Therefore, it becomes essential to plan for the first day of preschool well in advance.

An efficient and well-thought-out plan of action will enable you and your child to welcome the first day of preschool with enthusiasm and not anxiety. At Silverline, the best preschool in Ghaziabad, we understand the importance of the first day of preschool. Our expertise of more than three decades has helped us bring together significant pointers to keep in mind while planning for the first day of preschool.

Let us have a look at some actionable pointers to incorporate while preparing your child for the first day of preschool.

1) Visiting the school.

If possible, visit the school and the classroom with your child. This will help the child get familiar with the school. Preschool classrooms are vibrant and filled with toys and activities. You can drum up excitement in the child about their fun-filled classroom.

2) Set a sleep routine before school starts.

Sleep plays an essential role in a toddler’s behaviour. Your child has been sleeping and waking up according to his/her own will.  A sleep-deprived child with a fear of being apart, will in no way want to adjust to a new environment. Therefore, two weeks before school, set up a healthy sleeping and waking-up routine that corresponds with the school timings.  

Ensure your child wakes up an hour before the scheduled school time. This gives you a comfortable margin to get the child dressed and have breakfast.  It also gives you time to adjust to emotional outbursts. A rushed morning routine will only make the child more peevish.

3) Pretend play.

It is scientifically proven that children learn tremendously well through pretend play.  Set up a play date with your child and emulate the school routine. You can become the teacher, welcome your child to class, and give directions to sit, eat, and interact. Help your child frame questions that they can ask the teacher. This playful activity will give your child the confidence to conduct themselves in the new environment. The child will also know what to expect at school.

4) Toilet Training.

If your child is not yet toilet trained and is in diapers, you need not worry. Preschool teachers are well-equipped with handling such situations. Pack an extra set of clothing and diapers. In the meanwhile, however, start the process of toilet training your child at home.

If your child is already toilet trained, there are a few things you should make sure they understand.

  • Urge them to not delay going to the bathroom. Communicate with the teacher on time.
  • The toilet seats might be different from the ones they use at home. Advise not to be discouraged.
  • Advise taking assistance from the teacher or assigned staff if need be.

5) Buying the school gear.

Let your child pick up their school necessities like a school bag, lunch box, and water bottle. This gives them a sense of entitlement. The child gets involved in the whole process of preparing for the first day of preschool, and the preparation infuses some level of enthusiasm in them.

6) Packing the lunch box.

It is bliss if your child is not a fussy eater and meal times are smooth sailing. However, for most parents, meal times are a true test of patience. Your toddlers are exploring different food ranges and also their palettes. They are choosy and particular about food. So, do not pack something your child resists eating at home. You would be inclined to pack healthy food for school. But let the first week be about settling down. An inviting lunch box surely makes the little ones delighted.

In the coming weeks, you will also hear about what their friends bring for lunch and how boring their lunch box is.

The preschool teachers have effective ways for the students to finish meals. But this will happen gradually. So, what to pack? Something your child enjoys and can handle eating on their own.

Finger foods work the best. Pack an assorted lunch box for the child to choose and eat independently.

7) Handling the drop-off.

This is a crucial moment where we witness a lot of crying and clinging. Talk to the teacher and know well in advance if parents are allowed to stay back on the first day. Few other helpful pointers:

  • Do not linger for long. It is difficult to settle down the child.
  • Do not disappear without saying a proper goodbye. This causes more anxiety.
  • Keep yourself calm. Children can sense your nervousness too.
  • Be prepared for tears. For yours and your child’s. It is bound to happen.

8) Be prepared for things to go Haywire.

Man proposes, and God disposes. No matter how much we plan, there will few things that might go haywire. Do not let anything bother you.

Your child’s first day of preschool is a pivotal moment. Even if some things go imperfectly, the memory created will always be perfect.

9) Read books.

Find some interesting books that address the emotions like nervousness and separation anxiety. This will enable the child to open up about what they are feeling.

How Silverline, the best preschool in Ghaziabad, ensures smooth sailing on the first day of preschool?

  • The first day of preschool entails activities that relate to familiarising the child with the school and settling them down. The teachers are ably supported by trained nannies. The first day is kept shorter as the primary focus is on familiarisation of the kids with school and teacher.
  • The drop-offs follow the settling down of tearful children. The teachers do not refrain from picking up the child, taking them around in the garden, or hugging them to console them. The children are nurtured in the best possible way.
  • The students are taken around their block to be familiarised with the school.
  • Dance and rhymes are played to keep the children entertained.
  • Storytelling through puppets is organised keeping in mind how settled the children are.
  • Lunch sessions follow encouragement from the teacher to finish the food. Most of the time teachers along with nannies feed the children themselves. After a few days of familiarisation, the teacher makes the children independent in handling lunch sessions. She still oversees that no child goes hungry and provides assistance wherever it is required.
  • The day concludes with candy distribution and that certainly brings on the widest smile.

The first days of any activity are tough but a bit of planning goes a long way in settling down the collywobbles!

If you are a parent of an older child, do share your planning pointers that made the first day of preschool a roaring success.


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