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Age Criteria for Class 1: 6 years of age by the 31st of March of the academic year | Introducing 7th Grade in Nehru Nagar Branch | 100% Google Certified Teachers | ADMISSION OPEN for 2024-25 | ADMISSIONS OPEN FOR SILVER STARS PLAYWAY 2 years+

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One Child, One Teacher, One Book, One Pen Can Change The World

Malala Yousafzai

SLPS has established nonpareil teaching standards in the past thirty-five years since its inception. The CBSE curriculum offered is comprehensive and the academic calendar is replete with varied extra curriculars and sporting activities. The school periodically up skills the educators to provide education tailored to the evolving times.

The focus is on coalescing a well-researched curriculum and learning that is elicit inquiry ,is experiential and applicable. This is ably supported by leading edge/ state of the art amenities like  Computer ICT lab, TAB Room, AV Room, and Library.

The world is constantly evolving and presenting new opportunities. We equip the students with skills to adapt to
these dynamic changes.

A thriving environment of free expression ,vibrancy and enthusiasm balanced with discipline is provided for a holistic development of the child. An atmosphere that is challenging yet supportive is the hallmark of our education.

We believe in four imperative steps to foster better learning

  • Present lessons in varied ways books ,media ,field trips.
  • Absorption of the lesson plan.
  • Extensive discussions.
  • Recapitulation via worksheets and projects.
  • Reflective work on the lesson plan.