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Age Criteria for Class 1: 6 years of age by the 31st of March of the academic year | Introducing 7th Grade in Nehru Nagar Branch | 100% Google Certified Teachers | ADMISSION OPEN for 2024-25 | ADMISSIONS OPEN FOR SILVER STARS PLAYWAY 2 years+

(Admission Helpline) 9999774433

Admission Process

Nursery Class Student at Silverline Prestige School

Admissions at SLPS is a transparent procedure and depends upon the class that the admission is sought for.

  • Nursery – Prep

Registration for the new session for entry-level Nursery – Prep class starts in the month of August of the previous year.  The registration fee is 1000/-

Informal interaction is scheduled with the parents and the child between December- February, which is followed by the submission of necessary documents. 

In the case of KG, the child might be asked to undergo a verbal and written test.

  • Classes 1-7

The registration for classes 1-7 is subject to the availability of seats. You can mail the Admission cell at or call at 9999774433 for further enquiry. 

SLPS accepts students that have shown impressive performance in academics, arts and co-scholastic activity. A formal interaction is scheduled with the parents and the child. The child has to undergo a written and verbal test for admission to the above-mentioned classes.

  • Age Criteria
ClassAge Limit (as on 31st March of the respective academic year)
Silver Stars Playgroup2 - 3 Years (Between 01/04/21 - 31/03/22)
Nursery3 - 4 Years (Between 01/04/20 - 31/03/21)
KG4 - 5 Years (Between 01/04/19 - 31/03/20)
Prep5 - 6 Years (Between 01/04/18 - 31/03/19)
16 - 7 Years (Between 01/04/17 - 31/03/18)
27- 8 Years (Between 01/04/16 - 31/03/17)
38 - 9 Years (Between 01/04/15 - 31/03/16)
49 - 10 Years (Between 01/04/14 - 31/03/15)
510 - 11 Years (Between 01/04/13 - 31/03/14)
611 - 12 Years (Between 01/04/12 - 31/03/13)
712 - 13 Years (Between 01/04/11 - 31/03/12)

Online Classes

Last year came as a challenge for the entire education industry when national lockdown posed an immediate threat to children’s education. UNICEF identified the threat of a Learning gap in future generations. 

Silverline Prestige School was well on its way to adopting technology & pedagogical tools to enhance the learning and therefore, going online was a swift and smooth transition for us. 

Silverline Prestige School went Online on the very first day of the session and didn’t waste a single moment in reaching out to our children when they needed us the most. 

Our timetable for Online classes is created in consultation with child psychologists, ophthalmologists & paediatricians to ensure a balance between screen time and the child’s well-being.

Read our Reviews of Online Classes here.

We are the first school in the country to have 100% Google Certified Educators.

PTA Schedule

Parent-Teacher Interaction is imperative to a child’s development. We hold PTMs after every evaluation i.e. 4 Unit end Evaluations, half-yearly and final evaluation. 

The final dates for meetings are communicated to parents in advance. 

The tentative months for PTM are 

May, August, Oct, Dec, February & March/April


A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Children need a lot of love and encouragement to hone their skills and enhance their learning. Keeping this in mind, from 2024-25 we have introduced the SLPS Scholarship program. This program is open to children presently studying in classes KG, 1st & 2nd for scholarship options in classes 1st, 2nd & 3rd respectively.

An entrance exam will be taken to determine the eligibility of the child. Children scoring A+ grades can win scholarships up to 75% of the admission fee. Additionally, the child will be observed and evaluated based on his/her overall performance to extend a monthly fee waiver every year. Performance in academics, co-curricular activities, Open Door exams, and Olympiads will be considered.

If your child is a top scorer, you are welcome to undergo the scholarship test at our Nehru Nagar and Kavi Nagar branches. For more details please call: 98737 99954, 9810499951