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The SLPS Way

I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand


At Silverline, we have always believed in providing enriching experiences beyond academics which results in holistic development of a child. Since 1987, various programs have been initiated by the school to aid in 360 degree development.

SLPS 360 degrees Development.

  • Annual Functions at SLPS

Our Annual functions or fetes have always captivated everyone with their original themes, flawless execution and unparalleled creativity. Impactful themes like “The Power of Oneness”, Vande Mataram etc have been executed by all three branches in a unique manner. 100% participation of students was encouraged and achieved during these events. Music was composed and massive creative sets were made in house. This inculcated a feeling of unity, purpose and achievement amongst our students.

  • Nature Field Trips

Every year our students are taken for nature walks and various outdoor fun activities like a splash pool, movies etc. Children enjoy these trips as it gives them time to unwind and enjoy with their peers outside of school.

  • Green Clean Ghaziabad

Green Clean Ghaziabad was a project that was initiated by Dr Mala Kapoor in 1993 to spread awareness of environmental conservation and to encourage the citizens of our own to plant more trees. Each child on their birthday would plant a tree. We started maintaining parks, lawns and roadsides and planted and maintained the trees.  

“The Green Wave,” an album that contained melodious creations dedicated to Mother Nature, composed by Dr Kapoor, were recorded in a professional studio with our students and teachers. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for our students to witness how songs are recorded.

  • The WOW Project

The Wealth out of the Waste project has been a part of our efforts towards environmental conservation. This project encourages students to REUSE, RECYCLE & CREATE useful articles from discarded items.

  • Lunch & Learn

This program was conceptualized by Dr Mala Kapoor under which children are encouraged to create different objects from food items and make food attractive to children. This innovative program won her a National Award in 1997 by NCERT.