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Green Clean Globe: A Tree Planting Initiative by Silverline Prestige.

How does an educator teach? Books, curriculum, projects? A proficient educator, however, instils lessons through action. They sow the seeds of learning that grow into a tree that bears fruit, shade, and shelter for all. That’s exactly what Dr. Mala Kapoor, a trailblazer educator, demonstrated  30 years ago with her Green Clean Globe initiative. Our blog celebrates and delves into her noteworthy initiative towards teaching her students and the community the imperativeness of planting trees.

Take a closer look at some of the facts stated below:

  • 04 trillion trees cover the planet.
  • There were 6 trillion trees before human civilization.
  • Russia is the land with the most trees (642 billion trees).
  • There are 35 billion trees in India.
  • An estimated 15 billion trees are cut each year.
  • By 2050, we will have 2 trillion trees.

These numbers are just not statistics for documentation and analysis. The plummeting numbers raise an alarm for the health of the planet and  future generations.

Our metropolitan cities have transformed into heat capsules. Rampant construction has eroded the green cover in most cities. Simultaneously, carbon dioxide levels are on an unabated rise.

Planting trees has become an urgent necessity.

Dr. Mala Kapoor foresaw the need for immediate environmental action 30 years ago. A visionary, she spearheaded a planting drive, Green Clean Globe, on August 15th, 1993.

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With the motto of Plant Today To Live Tomorrow, Silverliner’s planted trees on their birthdays. Green Week is celebrated every year in school to spread awareness and make our students environmentally conscious and responsible.

GCG’s raises awareness towards the preservation of :

  • Wood
  • Water
  • Paper
  • Power

The first year of GCG saw:

  • 65 trees planted by students on their birthdays.
  • 59 trees planted by thoughtful citizens.
  • 34 trees planted by the teaching staff.
  • 20 trees placed with guards on the City Hospital GT Road.
  • 50 plants donated to Nehru Nagar Cricket Stadium.
  • 32 trees planted by the school at the launch of the project.

30 years later, the seedlings have grown into lush green trees, breathing life all around.

The school, best primary school in Ghaziabad, was also bestowed with The Green Award, a prestigious award that recognises the contribution of institutions in raising environmental awareness and making effective efforts towards the conservation of the environment.

Green Wave

Dr. Mala Kapoor, in her mellifluous voice, released a musical album called Green Wave to disseminate more information on this subject.

Dr. Mala Kapoor has composed and sung all tracks along with the school choir.

Green Wave has notable compositions like Hariyali Geet, Push Punj, Jeene ke liye, Harit Kranti ka gaan amongst others.

You can listen to these melodious songs here:  Green Wave Songs by Dr. Mala Kapoor.

Dr. Mala Kapoor 

Director Principal 

Silverline Prestige Schools

Scientific  Approach to Planting Trees :

Tree planting is not a random act sowing of seeds. We carefully studied and applied the following pointers to bolster our efforts:

  • What is the purpose of the plant?
  • How long will the plant live?
  • What kind of soil will the plant thrive in?
  • Does the plant need a lot of upkeep?

FAQ's -

Q1 Will tree planting offset climate change?

No, planting initiatives have to be supplemented with reduced carbon emissions as well.

Q2) Is my job after planting done?

Aftercare of the plants is essential, or else the whole activity becomes ineffectual.

Q3) Which are the fastest-growing trees in India?

Bamboo, Jamun, Papaya, Teak, Oak, Neem, Lemon, Guava, Elm, Banyan, Banana, and Pear are a few of the many trees that grow quickly in India.

Q4) Who has planted one crore trees in India?

Padmashri Awardee Daripalli Ramaiah has planted one crore trees in the last five decades.

We hope we have been able to enlighten you on an important subject. Actions speak louder than words, and Dr. Mala Kapoor has justly lived up to this old adage.

At Silverline Prestige, the best primary school in Ghaziabad, our belief is to provide education that evolves our students into responsible citizens. Our GCG program is one of the many such initiatives that we undertake to set a shining example.


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