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Silver Line Prestige - Best Pre-School in Ghaziabad

Choosing a pre-school can prove to be a daunting task. As a parent, you must have heard or researched multiple schools that follow either Montessori, Playway, Reggio Emilia, or some other pedagogy. The new-age jargon around learning can be befuddling. Therefore, it is prudent to know beforehand what are the objectives that the preschool will fulfil and whether these objectives align with the child’s aptitude and learning goals. 

In this blog, we will delve into the essentials of pre-school learning and how Silverline has been transcending early years education with innovative learning methods. Our experiential early learning programme makes us the best pre-school in Ghaziabad. Thirty-five years of enriched work with the best educators and developing the best learning programmes give us the credentials to be known as the best pre-school in Ghaziabad.

Multiple types of research have established the significance of early years education. These crucial years lay the foundation for improved cognitive, physical, and emotional development in the later years. In its National Education Policy 2020, the government too recognised the need to address these pivotal years and brought them into the fold of formal schooling.

How Silverline redefines early years learning

Silverline has pioneered an activity-based curriculum for the early learners and has kept its curriculum relevant to the demands and needs of the current times.

At Silverline, we have always viewed pre-schooling as the first stepping stone towards ingraining multiple skills. The school’s philosophy is to make learning fun and ensure learning is lifelong. A child’s initial years have key development areas and skills. Our focus is on the enhancement of these skills which are mentioned below:

  • Cognitive Skills.
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills.
  • Social Skills.
  • Emotional Skills.
  • Language Skills.
  • Incipient Reading and Writing Skills.

These critical developmental milestones are addressed and accomplished well by our uniquely curated curriculum. It is well established that a child possesses multiple intelligences. Through carefully thought-out activities, our curriculum implements activity-based lesson plans. These activities introduce different concepts in ways that are engaging and arouse curiosity in the child. All our classrooms are smart board enabled that enable visualization and comprehension of the concepts effectively.                                         

Amongst many, the below-mentioned activities at Silverline address the varied multiple intelligences. These activities promote different developmental skills in the children.

  • Shape sorting activities.
  • Colour sorting activities.
  • Scribbling and colouring activities.
  • Cut and Paste activities.
  • Sensory activities.
  • Number Sense.
  • Tracing activities.
  • Physical development activities.

What are the objectives of Pre-Schooling that are effectuated at Silverline?

Silverline fulfills multiple objectives in its pre-school curriculum. Listed below are the whys and wherefores which drive our pre-school philosophy.

  • Providing holistic development that encompasses social, emotional, and physical development apart from imparting pre-literacy skills.


  • Providing an environment that is safe and nurturing.


  • To smoothen the shift from the home environment to the school environment.


  • To make the child independent and at the same time teach him/her effective group interactions.


  • To foster innate curiosity that every child is born with and give it direction.


  • To stimulate creativity through various play-based engagements.


  • Above and beyond to instill a lifelong interest in learning.

Pioneering early learning pedagogy- Dr. Mala Kapoor.

Our esteemed principal Dr. Mala Kapoor won the National Award for Innovative Pedagogical practices from NCERT in the year 1991. Her initiatives in school like Lunch and Learn and WOW (wealth out of waste) have been widely adopted and appreciated. 

The award conferred on her speaks volumes about how well the pre-school curriculum at Silverline has been shaped and implemented.


A pre-school is also known as play school, pre-primary or nursery school. It introduces children to early years of education before the formal year of education begins.

At Silverline we admit children aged 3 to the pre-school.

A pre-school education helps develop social, emotional, and physical skills. It also lays the foundation for pre-literacy and numeracy skills.

Silverline lays special emphasis on an activity-based curriculum. The school introduces all concepts via specially designed activities that engage the child without burdening them. The curriculum is implemented by trained teachers who stimulate and aid learning competently.


Silverline understands the concerns that parents encounter when choosing the right preschool for one’s children. Our educators are highly skilled in not just implementing the curriculum but catering to the emotional needs of a child who is adjusting to a whole new learning environment. Our research-based understanding of formulating and implementing curriculum is what makes us the best pre-school in Ghaziabad.


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